1st & 2nd TPA-2019

1st & 2nd TPA 2019

The main aims of these activities were to foster creativity, critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit by involving students in the development of PBL (Project Based Learning) and micro-projects adapted to the specific conditions and requirements of each participating school, based on drama activities and related to key competences. The envisaged results are to increase students’ competences in levels of autonomous learning, of ability to work in teams, of critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit.

There was also the purpose to blend curricular and extracurricular areas of education through the use of drama, therefore to involve students that already have drama experience due to extracurricular activities in the process of researching and peer teaching of techniques that will motivate the study of key competences during ordinary classes and school activities.

At Night All Cats Are Grey

It Was Easy, But Then I Realized That It Wasn't All That Easy

Gil Vicente


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