2nd LTT


The activity will take place close to the ending of the second year of project developments, in April 2019, and again will bring together students of all partner schools.

The format of this meeting will follow closely the format of the first one, in respect of selection of participants and number of days spent prior to the meeting on preparing and interacting with peers under close supervision of a team of appointed teachers. What will differ is the tasks students will work on, as here they will have to prove that key competences have been developed and they are enabled to deal with real-life situations while using a mock frame of it.

There will be one topic only for all established groups: "One working day in my company" and the groups of students will have to establish online company type, activity range, prepare the script, decide upon presentation style, exchange ideas and videos with demo performances, decide upon setting and the necessary layout (which they will be offered within reasonable limits by hosting partner).

Once the meeting starts the groups will have a brief half day to rehearse after which they will perform their production and forum theatre will come in place again. Video recordings will be made available online, suggestions will be offered online and the final production will be presented, recorded and shaped as demo footage in the content of the DVD result.


Forum 1: Driving School

Forum 2: Restaurant

Forum 3: Autorepair Shop

Forum 4: Library