2nd TPA-2018


The main aim of these activities was blend ICT into drama oriented activities and techniques, boosting motivation of learning and honing digital competences through a transdisciplinary approach of drama, ICT and literacy. One of the most effective learning methods, based on drama, was Role Play Training or RPT, which is widely used in different types of training such as educational, leadership and soft skills development.

There was also the purpose to blend curricular and extracurricular areas of education through the use of drama, therefore to involve students that already have drama experience due to extracurricular activities in the process of researching and peer teaching of techniques that will motivate the study of key competences during ordinary classes and school activities.

Pêro Vaz de Caminha

Contadora de Histórias

Who Are You

Student's Presentations

Role Played Based Drama

Artefacts Technique Based Drama

Drama Based on Learning by Experience