All the activities below will be sustained by the grant area of "Project Management and Implementation". They are as follows (where A = activity, M = month, O = objective addressed):

A1 - M1: O1 and O4, the first month of the project is dedicated by all partner schools to introduction of students to drama through drama games as warmers, bonders and movers. Exchange of ideas and activities of these types among partner schools happen and they are implemented to familiarize students with drama techniques in class. The degree of involvement and of satisfaction of students will help monitor and assess this initial activity, the responsible partner of which is the coordinating school.

A2 - M2+M3: O1, O4 and O5, all participating schools carry out activities, as initially proposed by Romanian school and completed by partners, that blend extracurricular drama in the ordinary curricula of subjects that aim at developing communication in both mother tongue and foreign languages. Drama techniques and RPT are used in varied ways and made integral part of ordinary classes. Degree of satisfaction of students is measured by application of simple smiley questionnaires, and progress is assessed towards the ending of the activity both per group and per student.

A3 - M4+M5: O1 and O4, all participating schools carry out activities, initially proposed by the Romanian and completed by the other partners, that blend already known extracurricular activities in the curricular ones in the teaching/learning of the cultural awareness and expression as a targeted key competence, with subjects that include the ones above and arts or similar, according to every partner's decision upon these.

A4 - M6: Monitorization results are shared and 1st semester evaluation takes place, 1st methodological guide is created, published and disseminated; responsible partner: Romania, all other partners offer their inputs, result are assessed and made available online and in paper format, both in English and each partner's language. O1, O4 and O5.

A5 - M6+M7: Simultaneously with A4, but this time under O1 and O2, also, O4 and O5, work starts on digital competences and drama, with the trusted help of the partner in Portugal and from partners in Turkey and Macedonia, who will suggest ways and activities that blend drama and ICT while honing digital competences, re-inforcing communication competences and cultural awareness and expression ones. Interdisciplinarity is introduced in the economy of ordinary classes and multimedia is widely used. Satisfaction questionnaires measure impact.

A6 - M8+M9: O1 and O2, also with the contribution towards O4 and O5 - which now become only means to an end, and again led by the partner in Portugal, activities trigger the development of digital competences and autonomous learning, as well as the learning to learn and team work. Ampler activities are suggested, discussed and implemented such as mock job interviews aided by ICT, multimedia based presentation building; satisfaction questionnaires measure impact on students and involved teachers.

A7 - M10: Monitorization and evaluation activities at the ending of the second semester of project, realization of 2nd methodological guide, publication of it and dissemination of results, upload of published version on the project website and other Internet project areas. O1, O2, (+O4, O5).

A8 - M11+M12: Evaluation of the first 2 semesters of project activities, revision of initial operational plan, adjustments - if needed - , preparation of interim reports in all participating schools under guidance of the applicant partner.

A9 - M13+M14: O1 and O3, activities start in all participating schools for key competences of creativity, autonomous learning and team work, social and civic also, by introducing PBL and the micro-projects. All partner schools propose micro-project themes and implement these, results are shared online, students discuss via online channels: ways, methods and solutions to the tasks proposed. Involvement, satisfaction and scholastic results are monitored and measured.

A10 - M15+M16: Under O1 and O3, activities continue in the format of micro-projects, tackling the entrepreneurial competence, critical thinking, team work and creativity, as students are involved in more complex projects on different topics, closely linked to their manifested interests and future perspectives. Peer teaching appears, as well as elements of forum theatre.

A11 - M17: Evaluation of activities, of impact and satisfaction.

A12 - M18- M22: Overall use of key competences in the creation of performances, in all participating schools, dissemination of results through publically presented performances. O1-O5

A13 - M23: Realization of CD and DVD, dissemination of results, overall evaluation of project and results. A14 - M24: Dissemination of project tangible deliverables, visibility actions, preparation stages for the final report, preparatory actions for ensuring sustainability of project.

4-fold basic methodogy

a - the drama techniques that will ensure a new outlook upon the traditional ways of teaching, instilled via varied drama games that will be offered, explained, piloted and assesed during the first month of the project, as project warm-up activities, all in the endeavour of familiarizing all students with the basics of the new methodologies;

b - the RPT which will be widely used with different subject matters - as initial decision of each partner school requires - therefore working with different subject matters and individual groups, in an attempt to build cooperation skills, communication skills, and critical thinking;

c- the forum theatre that means direct involvement and taking a stand within the economy of an identified problem of the local community and working towards the solution of it;