The target groups of the dissemination actions we intend we carry out are widespread, from local to regional, national and European ones. As the project will be carried out internationally, activities, developments, results and tangible deliverables will be made known, introduced to others, made available for free usage, assistance and counselling will also be offered for parties willing to apply new activities, if necessary.

At local level each participating school will be disseminating project activities and results to the whole school (staff, students, associated bodies, parents). Each project team will encourage the school staff and teachers to use the innovative approaches to be developed within the life span of the project.

Within the local community of every participating school, still at local level, dissemination will be targeted to other schools and teachers in other schools that will be able to use the innovative approaches, methodology, activities and results proposed by this project. The dissemination of the project will be a key action in order to underline the impact of “drama” as a tool to cater for the needs of disadvantaged groups attracting and motivating them. So the project will also be addressed too :
Target 1: Learners from disadvantaged background who can find in the project an opportunity to grow and feel integrated, as well as all students who will find “drama” as a mean to become better future European citizens.
Target 2: Youth and cultural associations.
Target 3: Local municipalities that are all close partners of participating schools and also coordinate several associations.

At the level of regional and national educational communities, project results and good practices will be shared with interested institutions at regional and national levels, for example national public and private schools, teacher training institutions, universities, NGOs, regional and national educational authorities, every participating country's National Agency.

At EU level we shall address any other party interested in the implementation of drama activities in the teaching-learning process, as well as in the development of the key competences we envisage to tackle.