DKCD or “Developing Key Competences through Drama” is a 2-year project which aims at instilling key competences for both VET and non-VET students, aged 14 to 19, through drama activities, by using 4 methodologies: drama techniques, role play training (RPT), forum theatre (FT) and project based learning (PBL).

The consortium that proposes the project is comprised of VET, partially VET and non-VET schools, addressing both urban and rural background students, in an attempt to boost key competences learning through the use of drama-related activities, coupled with project based learning.

Exchange of good practices and inovative teaching methods will enable students to hone their key competences while involving them in activities that will motivate them, enable them to work in teams, to communicate and cooperate, to freely express themselves while applying critical thinking, to be creative and imaginative, to engage civically and socially.

Autonomous learning and the learning to learn ability will also be hugely fostered by the project, as well as cultural awareness and expression, all of which build up the profile of the EU citizen today. The project envisages to offer 5 tangible deliverables, of which 2 are methodological guides, all of which will help similar approaches in future.