Secondary Vocational School of Economics “Prof.Dr.Dimitar Tabakov”.

Secondary Vocational School of Economics "Prof.Dr.DimitarTabakov" – Sliven, Bulgaria is a prestigious institution with a long history and good reputation. It is founded in 1948 as a "Commercial School". The town of Sliven has about 90 000 inhabitants.

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S.S.O.U "Mosha Pijade" was established in 1928 as a lower agricultural school which formed conditions for expert qualification of the students in many parts of the country. The main goal of the school was to educate agricultural staff that would use the knowledge on their own property or in the agricultural economies.

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Escola Secundária de Rocha Peixoto.
Póvoa de Varzim

Escola Secundária de Rocha Peixoto is a school with classes from the 3rd cycle of Basic Education (7th, 8th and 9th grades) and secondary education at the level of the Scientific-Humanistic courses and also the VET Courses. The School also has experience in adult education, works as the New Opportunities Center.

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Liceul Teoretic Traian Vuia.

“Traian Vuia” High school was founded in 1968 as an industrial high school, named Industrial High School Nr. 1, specialised in machine building. It continued its development until the Revolution of December 1989 brought novelty and also changed the course of events in our school.

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